Xylitol – Sugar Alternative

Xylitol xylitol

If you want to give up sugar but still indulge your sweet tooth, try Xylitol which has less calories and good for your teeth.


What is it?

Xylitol,  naturally occurring sugar alcohol, is found in foods such as beets, berries, and corn. Xylitol tastes almost as sweet as sugar but is only partially absorbed by the body, so it has 33%less calories than normal sugar and a lower glycemic index.


Where to buy it?

Natural-food stores , commonsense organic food shops


Health benefits:

Xylitol prevents bacteria from causing plaque to stick to teeth, which is why it’s often used in sugar-free gum and can help prevent tooth decay.
Xylitol can also cause stomachaches, gas, and diarrhea if you have too much of it.  Sugar alcohols aren’t digested well by the body.  That’s what keeps xylitol from raising blood sugar, but it’s also what can give you gas.


How to use it:

Substitute it for sugar .  If you use xylitol for baking, it’s recommended that you substitute it for only half of the sugar called for in a recipe.