Massage Therapy

Cesura creates your own massage procedure for your specific needs. Our Massage therapy includes Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology.

Regular massage helps you to relieve back and shoulder pain,  relieve muscular tightness, lower the blood pressure, promote quality sleep, alleviate tension headaches, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression and  regain your strength and energy.

Make a regular massage as part of your mental and physical health maintenance.

Please note that our massage therapy is exclusive to women.

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Introductory special offer - 50% discount applies for your first massage appointment.

Near Infrared Light Therapy

Non-invasive and natural therapy. Based on world wide clinical studies and researches, we use the most efficient and effective wavelength between 600-1000nm to boosts the body’s cellular energy (adenosine triphosphate – ATP) metabolism by directly activating the mitochondrial enzyme complex called cytochrome c oxidase.

We combine or apply separately red, near infrared and far infrared for specific conditions. The therapy is known for reducing pain and inflammation of such conditions as arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle pain and sport injuries. The therapy is also beneficial for Hypothyroidism – under active thyroid – to improve thyroid hormone level by reducing thyroid inflammation.

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Cesura - A complete pause from your busy day

Having been raised in Japan where the art of relaxation, massage and other therapies influenced me and contributed to my today's understanding of the importance of relaxation for mental, emotional and physical health.

Through my work, I have concluded that subconscious response of women to continual underlying stress, reoccurring stress situations and trauma is quite different from that of men. I also realized that what stresses woman is different from men and subsequently has the short and long-term impact.

To develop more knowledge and experience to help women with their specific health needs, I have specialized on women's well-being.

Our therapies takes holistic approach to women's health and wellness. Naturally, our therapies are all natural and non-invasive.
Our current focus is to achieve mental and physical relaxation by a range of deep muscle relaxation and to reduce chronic pain, such as joint pain and muscular pain, and improve your health at the fundamental cellular level by applying our light therapy.

A relaxed mind is strong and agile, a relaxed body is strong and healthy.

Dedicated to Women's Health and Happiness