Simple Healthy Habit – Drinking Water

Simple Healthy Habit – Drinking water

A Simple habit as “drinking water” can improve our heath status.

Water makes up about 60-70% of our body, and is present in our cells, tissues and organs. From lubricating the joints to protecting the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, regulate body temperature, drinking water is absolutely essential for our body  in order to function properly.


Water is needed for the metabolism of the food that we eat , as well as being a transport medium for carrying nutrients to cells and removing waste products or toxins from them.

Water is the main constituent of blood and is essential for the proper functioning of our organs and our body systems.

Water provides lubrication for our joints, mucus, saliva, gastro-intestinal secretions, and helps our cells maintain their shape and function.

Water helps us regulate our body temperature, through adjusting how much we sweat or urine output.

Water helps keep you mentally alert , focus and concentrate better.

  Water is important for the workings of the kidneys, not only for helping to initially dissolve the nutrients, but for ensuring that waste products, bacteria and proteins do not build up in the kidneys and the bladder. These can lead to dangerous infections and painful kidney stones.

Water can also boost your metabolism and assist with weight loss.


Although, the majority of us do not drink water nearly as much as our body needs to function at optimal efficiency.

By making some small changes to your daily routine, such as bringing a water bottle to work  can help you make drinking water a habit.


Change 1: Drink a glass of a water each morning

Before drinking a cup of tea or coffee, have a glass of water each morning. Try to make this a your new daily habit.


Change 2: Carry your water bottle

If you don’t have water near you during work or school, you may neglect to drink it. Try carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day.

Keep it at your desk at work or place it in the book bag you take to class, although, please choose a “healthy water bottle”.


Change 3: Drink water with every meal

Take a large sip of water before starting your meal. Then, take sips of water in between bites. Not only will this up your overall fluid intake, it will help you feel full faster.


Change 4: Drink a glass of water when you consume every other beverage

If you have a cup of coffee with your lunch, drink one glass of water as well. Two glasses of wine with dinner? Match it with two glasses of water!


How much water should I drink  a day?

The amount of water you need to be adequately hydrated varies depending on your weight, level and duration of exercise, and many other factors.

Below link can indicate how much fluid one should consume to maximize the benefits of proper hydration.