The Best Ergonomic Mouse

The Best Ergonomic Mouse – Go Vertical

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Choose the best ergonomic mouse to prevent wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.  Mousing around all day everyday without an ergonomic mouse would cause you not just wrist pain but also shoulder tightness which leads tension headaches.  It is clear that using a standard mouse is damaging your body. But which mouse is the best ergonomic mouse for you?


How A Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Solves Wrist and Shoulder Problems

The natural resting position of the wrist and forearm is the ‘thumbs-up’ position.

One of the benefits of a vertical mouse is that it can prevent pronation. Pronation of the hand and wrist tightens the joint space of the two forearm bones. Another problem with this pronated position is that some users may be tempted to move the mouse only using their wrist. This radial (towards the thumb) and/or ulnar (towards the baby finger) bending can increase the pressure in the carpal tunnel. anatomy of vertical ergonomic mouse


Increased wrist pressure is highly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. normal mouse stress

However, with a vertical mouse, it’s basically impossible to impinge on your median nerve.

You can’t really reach the buttons of the mouse and create unhealthy pressure between your wrist and desk at the same time.

Therefore a vertical ergonomic mouse significantly reduces the chance of getting wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

A vertical ergonomic mouse also encourage to use the larger muscle groups to move the mouse which allows your shoulders to occupy a healthy relaxed position and therefore reduces shoulder pain.

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